November 2, 2016

Entering New Worlds

One of the favorite parts of my job is entering worlds I would otherwise not have access to. It was particularly meaningful for me to interview blogger Robin. Through our interview, I gained a whole another perspective
October 27, 2016

The Start of a Passion

How does a classic introvert who loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with a good book, get into this business of writing people’s stories? A business where I need to go to people’s houses, ask
October 27, 2016


  Hello and welcome to Writing the Soul! I’m Nechamie, a writer, interviewer, mother, wife and incurable introvert living in an increasingly gentrified Brooklyn. Welcome to the place where I share stories of the ordinary, yet oh so
March 2, 2016

Running in my Dreams

A young boy who has been diagnosed with a genetic illness teaches others what it truly means to live.
March 2, 2016

From Shadow to Light

A psychiatrist overcomes a tragic childhood and debilitating fears with a list. It’s a list of goals that are inspirational, difficult or just pure fun.
March 1, 2016

Fred Gottesman

The journey of an immigrant family escaping from the pogroms in Odessa and building a new life in America.
February 28, 2016

Legacy with a Deadline

One woman’s journey to assist her dying grandfather in writing his memoir opens a beautiful window into his life and soul.
February 28, 2016

All That We Lost and Found

An historical novel about the Holocaust. Two young cousins separated during the war. Their life, their losses, but most of all their strength of spirit.
February 25, 2016

Reading Vivian

A husband finds his wife’s diaries after her death. Transported through time, he discovers a side of her he never truly knew. A timeless story of love, loss and life.
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