Having created dozens of personal memoirs, and tributes, we employ a simple and time-tested process that ensures rich and vibrant stories.

Each of our six packages comes with a cd of the recorded interviews. 

  • 1. Slice of Life

    Capturing the memory of a pivotal event, or era of life.

    A true story about real people that captures the rich drama of a special moment in time. A brief yet memorable story that leaves a taste for more.


    • Up to 3 hours of recorded conversation
    • Up to 50 pages
    • Written narrative, two review cycles
    • Scanning and cropping of up to 10 images
  • 2. Full Feature Memoir or Biography

    The book that spans a lifetime. 

    Tell the story behind the story, the full range of human drama, and historical background that makes a life memorable and unique.


    • 8 to 12 hours of recorded interviews
    • Up to 300 pages
    • Written narrative and two review cycles
    • Scanning, and cropping of up to 30 images
    • Custom full-color design
  • 3. A “Surround Sound” Tribute

    Celebrate life with a tribute to a loved one, a commemoration for a special anniversary, or a celebration of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child.

    Reading a story that captures a life from multiple angles is like hearing an orchestra in surround sound: diverse voices come together to create a single beautiful harmony.


    • Ranging between 50-300 pages
    • Stories, memories, letters and photographs collected from all available sources.
    • Interviews with multiple narrators
    • Written narrative and two review cycles
    • Scanning, and cropping of 10 to 30 images
    • Custom full-color design
  • 4. Cookbook of Memories

    The family cookbook celebrates the recipes passed down through generations, and those fond moments that bind your family together.

    Preserve your family culinary traditions, with all the secret ingredients and tricks that only you know, richly blended with stories, memories and photographs. When family members look up that delicious quiche or an exquisite strudel, the pictures, the faces, the snippets of the past, will come back, time and time again.


    • Collection of family recipes
    • Stories that bring the recipes to life
    • Pictures of the food and the people who made it
    • Written narrative and two review cycles
    • Scanning, and cropping of 10 to 30 images
    • Custom full-color design
  • 5. Children’s Book

    An engaging, illustrated family history story written in the language of children.

    Turning Grandma and Grandma’s stories into a children’s book is like giving your children a real-life fairytale, complete with their very own roles. This sense of belonging can be the greatest gift we give our children.


    • One hour of recorded interviews
    • One or more carefully selected family stories
    • Mix of photographs and illustrations
    • Written narrative and two review cycles
  • 6. Videography Project

    Take a glimpse into life’s most treasured moments whenever you’d like by putting them on video to last for generations.

    Twenty minutes or an hour (and everything in between), we convey the unique drama and spirit of life.

    • Interviews recorded on video
    • Photos, old home videos and historical footage (when available)
    • Enhanced with music, special effects and narration

If you have your own idea how you’d like your memory to be preserved, we’d love to hear! Because this is what we do best. Listen and take note.



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