From Conversation to Publication in 5 Steps

Create an engaging memoir, tribute book or video to make your most important moments last a lifetime.


Our 5-Step process includes:

1. ORIENTATION  Deciding the scope of the project and setting up a schedule of interviews

2. INTERVIEWING   Pleasant conversations with one or more individuals, recorded in 2-hour increments

3. TRANSCRIBING  Interviews written down word for word without the “ums” and false starts

4. ORGANIZING, WRITING & EDITING THE STORY   Illuminating the story into a universally compelling tale

5. GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRINTING   Including a range of visuals (photos, letters, awards, memorabilia) to ensure a mesmerizing book


  • 1. How long does it take to produce a memoir or biography?

    Full length books take about six to twelve months to complete. Slice of life books can be done in three months, and videography projects tend to take even less.

  • 2. How much does it cost?

    Because each book or video is just as unique as the lives of the people they honor, costs vary depending on length, complexity, design attributes and printing style. During your free consultation, we’ll chat with you about how much it will cost to bring your specific project to life.


  • 3. Why work with a personal historian?

    Most people turn to a personal historian for their expert writing and organization skills. Simply put, we make the project you’ve always wanted to do, happen.

  • 4. Can You help me edit my memoirs?

    We have only encouragement for those who want to take a shot at the great experience of writing their own book. We’re always available for consultations and editing. We’re happy to discuss specifics during your free consultation.

  • 5. What do I need to do to prepare for the interview?

    Nothing! Sometimes it helps to read some memory sparkers we send beforehand, but the interviews are relaxed guided conversations.

  • 6. What if I say something I regret?

    As the narrator, you have complete control over all content and are free to make any changes at any time. We want you to love what you read.


  • 7. Can I concentrate on a single time period in my life?

    Of course. You’re in charge. The slice of life book is a perfect way to highlight a particular event or time in life, for topics like career, immigration history, travel adventures or courtship and marriage.


  • 8. Can a husband and wife do a personal history book together?

    Yes. We absolutely recommend it. After all, it’s the story of two people drawn to each other by the forces of fate, choices, or history.

  • 9. Are your books simply lightly edited transcripts?

    That is always an option. But generally we use all the writing tools at our disposal to create an eminently readable and authentic book. This is where the souls speak, carved out of the past, chiseled and given a breathing spirit of the written word.

  • 10. What makes the team at Writing the Soul the right choice for your project?

    Our team members have backgrounds in creative writing, journalism, genealogy, videography and more. We’re united in our passion to pay tribute to your story in a way that truly honors its subject. Read more about us here.


  • 11. Where are you located?

    Our team is based in New York. We work with clients near and far by either travelling to you or meeting with you virtually via video chats or whatever medium you prefer.


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