“Beginning the process with Nechamie is giving me a new perspective on my life.”

I am turning 60 in two years and have been wanting to put together my life lessons and loving messages for my children and grandchildren. Nechamie wrote a book when my father was in his last year of life. It turned out to be not only a treasured book in our family, but all who read it are inspired by his life journey. In the process of writing the book my father experienced his life in a new way; somehow putting together all the pieces gave him a sense of pride, of closure, of integration. I have always thought of my life as too mundane to be written down for posterity. Beginning the process with Nechamie is giving me a new perspective on my life. It is unique and no one else of the seven billion people of the world experienced life exactly like me. My life is full and rich when the scattered pieces are gathered together to weave a tapestry of meaning. I look forward to our writing meetings when I reach into my mind and heart and past to relate the stories of my life. She takes the stories and extracts and brings to life the wisdom, the humor, the pain and the growth.

Aliza Horowitz

Brooklyn, NY

“He emanates from these pages”

This book is a lovely tribute to my grandfather. Everything I knew of him, and some that I didn’t even know until I read it here, emanates from these pages.


Los Angeles, CA

“Both tone and feelings were captured in her writing.”

I found Nechamie Margolis very easy to work with. She has a good sense of understanding, organizing, and putting into words the stories that are told to her. She has a very sweet and calm personality and listened carefully to my suggestions.

Both tone and feelings were captured in her writing.

I would recommend her highly.

Mrs. Henya Laine

Brooklyn, NY

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